Teaching women the truth of God's Word

...and that knowing and living for Christ transforms everything, is the privilege, priority, and purpose of my life.


Run2Truth STORY


For many years I taught from existing workbooks and Bible studies, but it became more difficult to find in-depth, doctrinally correct studies for women. Every year many books about the Bible are written, but it is crucial that women study the actual Bible itself and learn to read, understand, believe, and apply it.

God has given us everything we as believers need for life and godliness through the knowledge of His Son. (2 Peter 1:3) The more we are in Scripture, the more we know, love, and obey Jesus, as well as grow in holiness, joy, fruitfulness, peace, and trust.

We were created to glorify and enjoy God. We were created to represent Christ accurately and well. Only by knowing the Word and how it addresses every human issue can we begin to accomplish the purpose for which we were created.

Run2Truth Bible Studies are in-depth, but not difficult, verse by verse Bible studies for women that can be done by individuals or groups of any size.

I also strongly affirm the importance and benefits of small group participation in conjunction with Run2Truth Bible Studies. Discover how small groups can have a huge impact in your study.



“You know, I have tried reading my Bible and praying for years and that is just not working. I am miserable and refuse to live the rest of my life like this. Hey, I grew up in a pastor’s home and attended Bible college. If anyone gave the Christian life a try, it was me. Now I am going to do things my way and pursue happiness on my terms.”

Those were my words, heart, and response to a dear friend who was concerned about my sinful choices and decisions many years ago. Thankfully, she did not walk away from me but graciously connected me with a godly woman and mentor, Shirley Martin. Because I was desperate and empty, I met with Shirley for months. And guess what? She had me read my Bible and pray. However, she added something that I had not been doing. She held me accountable to actually DO what the Bible commanded. As she discipled, friends prayed, I studied, and the Spirit worked, God changed me, my marriage, and my home. I learned and embraced the truth that Christ is all I need, exceedingly abundantly above all I could ever ask or think.

God took an ugly, sinful situation and brought good and beauty out of it for His glory. He gave me a passion to teach other women to grow in their knowledge, love, and obedience to the Lord. For over 40 years He has allowed me to speak, write, teach, counsel, mentor, and disciple others through His Word.

My husband, Mark, and I have been married since 1979 and have four married sons and eight grandchildren. He and I are involved in our local church where I write and teach weekly Bible studies for women. I am committed to helping women read, know, understand, believe, and apply the truths of God and His Word in their lives.

My heart’s desire is to glorify God and point others to the abundant joy found in the Savior.