The importance and
benefits of small groups

God certainly desires and commands that we make every effort to know and understand His Word with more clarity, wisdom, and depth. However, our growth does not stop there since actually applying, obeying, and delighting in His Word are crucial steps in the sanctification process for believers.

I believe that one way to aid application of truth is to be in a small group whenever possible, led by a wise leader who can help promote application, accountability, motivation and encouragement. This is done by several methods including using the discussion questions in the studies, pointing out application of truth where it applies to  lives, holding women accountable to complete their lessons and memory verses, praying specifically, regularly and fervently for each woman, and being a godly role model dependent upon the Lord for faithful ministry and fruit.

God can certainly cause growth and transformation when a woman is listening to a teaching session or filling out a Bible study workbook. But I believe there is much more potential for growth when truths are discussed with others, applications made, and follow-up encouraged.

Small Group Leaders (SGL) themselves need mentoring, encouragement, accountability, and on-going training. I call these MEAT meetings and we have them every 6 weeks. The leaders get to know each other better, laugh, learn, pray, receive training in a particular area, share concerns and ideas, and give an account of the spiritual disciplines in their lives. Because of these leader meetings, we have seen great growth in our leaders and in their women.

It is also important that SGLs are qualified to lead and know clearly their responsibilities. In many ways it is better to have no leader than an unqualified one. In any ministry, choose your leaders with prayer and wisdom.

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